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    The interviewing process can be a legal and practical nightmare if not approached carefully. A seemingly innocuous interview question may actually be inappropriate, or even illegal, and may culminate in a costly discrimination lawsuit. Such a situation can easily be avoided by using appropriate job interview questions.

    An employer must ensure job interview questions are in alignment with the law. The variety of job interview questions an employer can ask is wide and contingent upon the specific needs of a particular position.

    Top 5 Strategies for Identifying & Hiring Great Employees

    Top 5 Strategies for Identifying & Hiring Great Employees

    Learn how to hire great employees.

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    Get Specific

    Novice and experienced interviewers are sometimes unsure of the best questions to ask candidates in an interview. While sample interview questions can help, having specific questions to ask a particular candidate makes the process even more effective.

    Profiles International offers pre-employment assessments designed to help an employer best match candidates to positions. Once a candidate submits their answers to the Profiles International online assessment, the employer is provided with a detailed set of recommended interview questions to ask when the employer interviews the candidate.

    These questions are customized based on the candidate’s individual responses to the assessment.

    Top Interview Questions

    Customized, tough interview questions (that are prepared specifically for your candidate based on his or her assessment results) can help you avoid incompatible candidate matches, save time, and make the hiring process more effective.

    A significant improvement over common interview questions, these customized interview questions can be used in tandem with the insights provided by the employee assessments to further assist the employer in making a well-informed hiring decision.

    The PROFILES STEP ONE SURVEY® II Canadian asks tough questions that give interviewers information regarding past employment-related problems; illegal substance use; or distribution and theft of an employer’s money, property, or data. With this information, interviewers are then given questions that are worded in an open-ended manner to stimulate discussion, reduce litigation risks, and conduct the most effective interview for each candidate.

    The PROFILES STEP ONE SURVEY® II Canadian allows you to create job-match patterns by reviewing the characteristics of employees who have demonstrated success in a particular position. The resulting job-match patterns can be used as a basis for evaluating applicants to help predict their success in a position.

    Profiles International’s PROFILE XT® and PROFILES STEP ONE SURVEY® II Canadian assessments give you the top interview questions needed to determine if a candidate is going to be a fit for the job and a match for the company culture.

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