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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Our Approach to Sales Training

Cost-effective sales training doesn't have to mean second-rate sales training. Our curriculum is based on proven best practices that you can rely on, but our delivery method sets us above the rest. We aren't trying to repurpose a library of antiquated audio recordings and print media. We built our blended sales training programs online from the ground up to make the most of eLearning technology and instructional design in conjunction with live support programs to reinforce the learning. Leave the archaic world of audio tapes behind and join the on-demand, multimedia revolution in sales training.

For the ultimate in convenience and cost savings, our five sales training programs are delivered in an enjoyable, self-paced, interactive eLearning environment, available online 24x7x365 through our state-of-the-art Learning Center. Not only is online training dramatically less expensive than its classroom cousin; research shows it can be just as effective, if not more so, when it is well designed, well delivered and results oriented. Check Out the Learning Center >>

Facilitated learning can also complement eLearning. Profiles Sales Solutions participants don’t have to learn in a vacuum. Our integrated facilitated sessions increase the completion rates of the eLearning, increase personalization and retention of the learning, and increase the likelihood of enduring behavioural change. Whether the sessions take place face-to-face, by conference call, or by webinar, the best of group dynamics can be harnessed in brief, enjoyable engagements that take development to the next level. And this invaluable process is so simple and enjoyable that sales managers can easily lead these sessions on their own if they choose with our practical Leader’s Guide and Train-the-Coach program.

Participants are never sent off to “forget and fail” once training is over. Our Integrated Performance Management Program connects sellers with a sales performance coach who is trained to help them utilize what they’ve learned to achieve their goals.

Professionals We Help

Below is a partial list of the types of clients we help.
Accountants Insurance Brokers
Advertising Executives Investment Bankers
Auditors Management Consultants
Actuaries Marketing Consultants
Benefits Consultants Market Research Providers
Capital Equipment Sellers Network and Security firms
Commercial Bankers PR Consultants
Compensation Consultants Private Equity Professionals
Computer Hardware sellers Risk Consultants
Consulting Engineers Sourcing Consultants
Corporate Financiers Software Developers
CGAs, CAs Supply Chain Consultants
Creative Services Systems Integrators
Data Center Providers Tax Advisors
Design Engineers Technology VARS
Direct Marketing Services Telecom Providers
Electronics Resellers Training Partners
HR Consultants VC Professionals
HR Technology Providers  
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