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Assessment Overview

The PROFILES SALES ASSESSMENTâ„¢ measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organization so that you can optimize sales performance. It is used primarily for selecting, onboarding and managing sales people and account managers. The "job modeling" feature is unique, and can be customized by company, sales position, department, manager, geography, or any combination of these factors. The sales assessment enables you to evaluate an individual based on the qualities required to perform successfully. The data is based on the top-performing sales people in specific sales jobs in an organization. This sales assessment also predicts on-the-job performance in seven critical sales behaviours: prospecting, call reluctance, closing the sale, self-starting, working with a team, building and maintaining relationships, and compensation preference.

Product: Profiles Sales Assessment


The PROFILES SALES ASSESSMENTâ„¢is used for selecting and motivating sales people in order to maximize and increase sales performance.

A Success Story

Insurance Client

A Global Insurance Giant..........
Our client wanted a better way to select highly productive sales personnel. Our assessments helped them to improve rep productivity by 15% and reduce overall attrition by 33%.


  • 20 Performance Indicators
  • Seven Critical Sales Behaviours
  • Sales Evaluation
  • Sales Aptitude
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Types & Uses of Reports

PXT Report

Individual Graph

Useful for the hiring manager.
Indicates a candidate’s characteristics and fit with customized job modeling.

Management Report

Multi Job Match

Useful to the manager.
Describes candidate’s traits and abilities in easy-to-read format.

Strategic Review

Interview Guide - Total Person

Useful to the manager and interviewer.
Provides personalized interview questions derived from PSA results

Candidate Matching

Performance Model Comparison

Useful for the manager to show the employee.
Provides an illustration of the five categories measured.

Technical Specs

Time to Take:Less than 60 minutes

Administration: Online or pencil/paper

Results Turnaround: Immediate

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