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    Improve your employee hiring process by understanding the core characteristics of your company's top performers.

    In your hiring experience you have probably hired some excellent employees and some who failed. Did you use the same employee screening method to hire for multiple positions? Employers that employ the same methods for different positions will experience inconsistent hiring results.

    Top 5 Strategies for Identifying & Hiring Great Employees

    Top 5 Strategies for Identifying & Hiring Great Employees

    Learn how to improve your hiring process

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    Job Fit™ Is Different for Each Position

    Profiles International provides invaluable employee screening tools for increasing consistency in hiring employees. What makes Profiles International’s tools the leading tools in the industry is our exclusive PROFILES JOB FIT™ technology. We combine tested and reliable data derived from our pre-employment screening solutions with a customized job analysis survey to create a benchmark by which you can hire an employee who best fits your job and company.

    "Hire the right person for the right job. Understand the core characteristics of top performers in a job and use them as a benchmark to measure job candidates."

    Understanding Job Fit™

    PROFILES JOB FIT™ technology is the most advanced, state-of-the-art solution available today for measuring human potential and predicting job performance. Using PROFILES JOB FIT™ as a key part of your system for hiring employees, you will be able to uncover why some of your employees perform at extraordinary levels, while others who appear to be equally qualified, are only average performers. Placing the right people in the right positions will make a positive impact within your organization.

    By including PROFILES JOB FIT™ technology as a key factor in your process for hiring employees, your allocation of human capital will be significantly more effective.

    Most employee hiring decisions are made with inadequate information. However, Profiles International solutions will deliver the information you need to know before tendering a job offer and making a hiring mistake.

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