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Hiring Blook: 10 Success Steps for Effective Hiring

Want to hire right, the first time and every time? Our latest hiring blook tells you how.

We’ve compiled a wide variety of pragmatic blog articles and tips guaranteed to help you find, develop and retain superstar employees. The blook delves into common and effective hiring trends, as well as how assessments can impact your organization.

The 9 hiring sections included in the blook cover these useful topics:

  1. Top 5 Hiring Tips you Should Always Follow
  2. Looking Beyond the job description
  3. 10 Scary Hiring Practices (to Avoid)
  4. All Aboard! Five factors of a Successful Onboarding Process
  5. HR Pros: DON’T HIRE Until You Read This!
  6. Is Your Talent Strategy to Coach or to Poach?
  7. 3 Tips for Hiring and Recruiting Recent College Graduates
  8. The Key to Successful Hiring
  9. Want to Hire the Best? 2 Reasons Why Interviews Aren’t Enough
We’ve also included a case study discussing how Rosewood Hotels and Resorts reduced hiring costs 80% and improved the quality of its new hires. This premier manager of ultra-luxury properties worldwide developed a successful program to identify and hire high-potential employees and managers.

John Hulett

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