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    The best possible management development and training decisions are made with objective, quantifiable data about employees. By identifying employees who need improvement and further development — combined with the progress made in improving necessary skills — you set your organization up for future success. PROFILES CHECKPOINT 360°™ is the solution to helping be successful employees in management roles.

    Six Keys to Unlocking the Potential of Frontline Managers

    Six Keys to Unlocking the Potential of Frontline Managers

    Learn how to recognize inadequate leader.

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    Management development with the Profiles Checkpoint 360°™ works in three parts:

    1. An extensive evaluation is used to provide managers with multi-rater feedback from those who observe their performance: their bosses, subordinates, and peers. This is an important process because increased awareness motivates managers to change the way they do their jobs.
    2. An analysis that alerts top management to potential managerial problems that can develop when managers' goals are not aligned with the organization's goals. This information encourages management development on an individual level as well as across the organization. It also strengthens communication and builds stronger organizations.
    3. An organized management development program that addresses specific leadership skills identified as requiring improvement. This enables managers to pursue self-improvement in the areas most essential to improving their job performance. Working through 18 modules, managers create and complete a customized leadership development plan. Unlike many courses and seminars, management training activities are integrated into a manager’s daily tasks.

    Management development also helps organizations solve the following challenges:

    • Ineffective management practices
    • Poor management performance
    • Poor communication
    • Inadequate leadership
    • Distrust of management
    • Inability to delegate
    • Low motivation
    • Lack of commitment
    • Stagnation of ideas and status quo
    • Low performance standards
    • Workplace conflicts

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